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Classic Demo List - 1979 through 1986


Modern Demo List


Releases - Vinyl/Tapes/CDs/Dubs


Updates through Nov. 13, 1998

!NEW! Check out the final version of the full database listing. Please be patient, it's big... (666K worth + the logos) !! !NEW!

Historical update lists

I regenerate the above lists fairly often, so all the update lists below have been incorporated into the appropriate lists above. These are here for a chronological view of my lists only.
[May, 1996] | [July, 1996] | [September, 1996] | [December, 1996] | [January, 1997] | [July, 1997] | [October, 1997] | [December, 1997] | [February, 1998] | [May, 1998] | [June, 1998]

Miscellaneous stuff

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Look at the rare stuff I'm searching for here: WANT LIST
Look at the list of the other stuff I have for trade: TRADE LIST
Here you can see my ZINE LIST

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